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Monday Meet And Greet: Jeramey J

Monday Meet And Greet: Jeramey J

Every Monday we’d like you to meet someone new around here at JustBats.com. Get to know us a little better! Meet Jeramey! Jeramey is our Facilities Manager and makes sure that everything inside and outside the JustBats.com building is looking good and working well! Here is what makes Jeramey tick.

1. How long have you worked here at JustBats.com?
I have been employed at Justbats.com for over 8 years. I was hired when I was 16 years old, in 2003.
2. What kind of stuff do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy spending time with my family, running and playing any sport, traveling, catching a good movie, trying new restaurants, anything outdoors, and long walks on the beach at sunset.
3. As Facilities Manager, what kind of responsibilities do you undertake each day?
My team’s main focus is to create the "WOW" in every individual who walks through our facility. My responsibilities range from managing facilities expansions and interior remodel projects, to insuring our facility is immaculate and all resources/ amenities we have are working properly 100% of the time. We are constantly improving our facility and our systems.
4. Is it difficult keeping a big building like this spotless and up-to-date everyday?
In order to maintain an awesome facility like ours, you have to have good employees and great systems in place to do so. We create, monitor, and improve our systems everyday to ensure keeping our facility spotless and up-to-date is easy.
5. Everyone around here knows you're a hard worker, both on the job and training, what kind of activities do you train for?
I am always training to be a better competitive distance runner. I love to race marathons and half marathons all across the country. I also train at Title Boxing, and do several other cross training sports/ activities like Racquetball, Swimming, Biking, Dodgeball, and Volleyball. I grew up playing Baseball and Wrestling.

I am currently in the process of obtaining my CFM (Certified Facilities Manager) designation, and am taking courses right now to achieve it. At JustBats.com we are all highly encouraged to pursue further education and self improvement.
6. On a long run, what keeps you motivated to push through every mile?
I’ll think about the countless individuals who are physically handicapped and will never be able to run, but would give everything to someday get to experience it. I’ve been blessed with a unique gift and run for everyone who can’t.
In the last 6.2 miles of the marathon, I’ll dedicate each mile to someone. Knowing you are running for them, really helps push past the toughest part of the race and finish strong.
7. What drives you to want to stay in shape?
Four years ago I was over 20% body fat and couldn’t run 2 easy paced miles without stopping to walk. I finally woke up one day and decided to never be out of shape in my life again. Since then, I’ve lost 35 pounds and workout everyday of the week. My goal is to beat the Kenyans one day in the Marathon and Half Marathon Events. Right now I am striving to qualify for the 2016 Olympic trials in the Half Marathon. If you set your goals high, you’ll always be hungry for more!
8. Just so we can know you a little better, what's the last thing you listened to on your iPod?
The current audio book I am re-listening to is Dale Carnegie's “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

The last song I listened to was either “More” by Usher or “The River” by Garth Brooks.
9. What's your favorite thing about working at JustBats.com?
I’ve literally grown up right along with the company, and have had the privilege to experience first hand all of the amazing growth and accomplishments JustBats.com has made throughout the years. I love our company culture and core values that we truly do live each and every day. The fact that every employee is heard and has a chance to make a difference sets us apart from everyone else.
10. Tell us what you're currently training for? Anything awesome for 2012?
I am currently training for the 116th annual Boston Marathon which I’ll be racing in April. I’ll then focus my training towards increased speed in the Half Marathon. I’ll be racing in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Illinois,Texas, California, Florida, and possibly New York this year.

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