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Monday Meet And Greet: Gabe H

Monday Meet And Greet: Gabe H

Every Monday we’d like you to meet someone new around here at Get to know us a little better! Meet Gabe! Gabe is one of our Administrative Assistants for the Employee Experience Department and he makes sure that when people are hired on to the team, they have a good experience and are trained properly for the work they will be doing! Here is what makes Gabe tick.

1. How long have you worked here at
I've worked at since January of 2011, so it's been about 14 months now.
2. You recently switched positions here at, what were you doing before and tell us about what you do now?
When I first started working at, I was a seasonal worker in the Distribution Center. I needed a part time job while I was in school, and working here fit the bill nicely. They seemed to think I was a good worker, so they asked me to stay on after the busy season. That turned into me using my education in Counseling Psychology to find a different position within the company, which ended up being the position of Administrative Assistant for the Employee Experience Department. In my new position I work on special projects for the head of our department, giving me an opportunity to be more creative.
3. Tell us what you love about working at
That's difficult to say because there are a lot of things I love about working here. I think the biggest aspect about working here that I enjoy is that the upper management will do whatever they can to make both customers and employees happy. It is extremely rare to see such dedication and effort in trying to keep things harmonious and enjoyable. I should also add that I really enjoy the people I work with, and I am undeniably thankful that I started working here, because I might not have ever met any of these people otherwise.
4. Any words of wisdom for someone coming into your line of work?
The advice I like to give anyone who asks me, is to be humble and hard working. It doesn't matter if you're the smartest, the strongest, or the fastest, it's better to show people than to tell them about it. If you work hard enough, it shows, and that speaks volumes. There is nothing wrong with being confident, but being cocky is going to hurt you somewhere down the line. I think that's good advice for any job, whether it be running a multi-million dollar company or scrubbing toilets. For my particular line of work, I would encourage people to get as many varied experiences as they can. Experience in particular field always helps, but experience in a variety of fields helps develop a more unique view of the world, and a more creative and equally unique way of doing things. No employer can ignore that.
5. What kind of things do you like to do in your free time?
I have lots of things I like to do, but the biggest and most important is spending time with my best friend and fiance, Seevan. She is the most amazing women I have ever met, and I am incredibly lucky to have found her. When I get the chance, I really enjoy reading and I am an avid movie collector (the last time I checked, I had somewhere around 400 movies). It's also imperative that I spend time playing with my cat, Oscar, as he's an attention hog. He enjoys wrestling with my arm and the occasional body slam (He's a pretty weird cat). Lastly, I am very close with my family, and I like to spend as much time as possible as I can with them.
6. It's noticed around here that fitness and health are important to you, how do you stay on track with eating right and exercising?
I have a lot of motivation. I grew up a fat kid in a family of bean poles, and was reminded of that fact ad nauseum by other kids at school, and even some of my teachers. Working at gave me the tools to getting fit and healthy, and I am ever thankful for that. Since working here, I've lost about 60 pounds, and it has made a world of difference. I am happier, more confident, and for some reason, I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror...
7. Have you read any good books lately?
I read a lot, and I can say most of the books of late have been at least decent. I was a fan of the last James Bond novel, "Carte Blanche," and the Millennium trilogy (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, etc) was very good. Also, I recently read "Mountains Beyond Mountains," a book about a man named Paul Farmer, and the difference he made in spreading quality healthcare in Haiti, Peru, and Russia, and "Keeping Heart On Pine Ridge," a collection of essays about life on the poorest Native American reservation in the United States. Both were heartbreaking to read at points, but excellent reads.
8. What is your favorite sport and team to watch?
Even though I suck at it, baseball is my favorite sport. My brothers and I are huge Kansas City Royals fans, and have been since we were very little. Even though we live in different states these days, we always find times to get together and catch a few games at Kauffman Stadium.
9. What is your favorite memory so far since working at
It's indirect, but one of the reasons I started working here was so I could afford an engagement ring for Seevan (my girlfriend). Using my hard-earned money to buy that ring, giving it to her, and hearing her say "Yes" through the sobbing, is something I'll never forget, and I will always associate that with working here.

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