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Monday Meet And Greet: Drew W

Monday Meet And Greet: Drew W

Every Monday we’d like you to meet someone new around here at JustBats.com. Get to know us a little better! Meet Drew! Drew shoots and edits some really awesome product videos and promos for JustBats.com! Here is what makes Drew tick.

1. How long have you worked here at JustBats.com?
I've worked here at Justbats for almost two years now and haven't disliked one minute of it.
2. What are some of your responsibilities in the video department at JustBats.com?
My main responsibilities here in the video department are to help shoot and edit the product videos you guys see all over the site. I also get a chance to work on some REALLY fun stuff from time to time like the new promo coming out soon on Justin and Bralin. Check out the trailer here...

3. What are your favorite aspects of doing video for JustBats.com?
My favorite part of doing videos for JustBats.com is working with the Video team, and the Creative team in general. We're the infants of the company so it's really cool to see us grow and keep pushing each other to do more, and to do it better.
4. What is your process like for editing and shooting video?
My process starts behind the camera. We have a brand new studio that sounds and looks amazing. So, we'll shoot the on camera personality and then I'll go back later and get some shots of the bats. Back at the computer I'll cut everything together so it flows well and then someone else takes it from there.
5. What would you say to someone coming into your line of work?
No matter where you work or what line of creative work you're in I think the advice is always going to be similar. Push yourself to do more constantly. Learn new things as much as possible, but honestly, just go out and create. Finally, you absolutely have to be willing to fail. And then you have to be willing to fail again. Through the failures will come great work!
6. What's your favorite memory so far from JustBats.com?
One of my favorite memories here at JustBats.com so far...well there's a ton. The All-Star festivities this year were pretty cool! One thing that's great about JustBats.com is that we work hard, but we really know how to have fun, too!
7. What are some challenges you face either shooting or editing video?
We're always looking/thinking of new ways to entertain our viewers. We want to make the videos as fun and enjoyable as we can.
8. Tell us what you enjoy doing outside of working at JustBats.com.
I began doing photography, so I definitely enjoy doing personal work outside of JustBats.com. When I'm not behind a camera or computer I enjoy time with my wife, my little bulldog (Bruno), and hanging out with friends. Seriously, if I'm not working I'm doing something with my family or friends or playing ping pong.
9. What's your favorite sport and team?
Being in a creative position you probably can guess that I'm not the biggest sports fan. But, I love Sporting Kansas City! My wife and I, along with a bunch of friends have season tickets to watch soccer almost every week.
10. What gets you laughing the hardest?
I'm a sucker for Youtube junk! It's not the most valuable source of media, but there is definitely some humorous stuff on there. Also, Dumb and Dumber.

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