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Monday Meet And Greet: Cory W

Monday Meet And Greet: Cory W

Every Monday we’d like you to meet someone new around here at JustBats.com. Get to know us a little better! Meet Cory! Cory is one of our Order Processors so he makes sure that when you submit your payment to JustBats.com to buy that awesome new bat, it gets in our system and out the door in no time flat! Here is what makes Cory tick.

1. How long have you worked here at JustBats.com?
I have worked at JustBats.com for a little over 3 years.
2. How did you become a part of the JustBats.com team?
I was a college student that needed a job, and I had heard about the company through my step mom who actually delivers the mail here at JustBats.com.
3. Tell us a little bit about the Order Processing aspects at JustBats.com.
Anything and everything that has to do with an order will come through this desk.
4. What kind of things do you enjoy doing outside of JustBats.com?
I enjoy playing sports of any type and hanging out with friends and family.
5. Time for some school spirit, which college did you graduate from?
I graduated from Park University in 2009.
6. Obviously sports are huge around here, give us your favorite sport and team.
College: Mizzou Professional: KC Royals, and the KC Chiefs.
7. What's your favorite thing about working here at JustBats.com?
The family style atmosphere, and all of the amenities that are provided here at JustBats.com.
8. If you were stuck on an island, what are the top three things you would have to have with you?
A genie lamp would be all that I would need, because he or she would be able to make everything I wanted become a reality.
9. What is your all time favorite movie?
If I had to pick one I would probably say Tommy Boy.
10. Okay, one last thing. Any advice for people going into your field or anything related? Always try and better yourself by learning more and more things about order processing. Show that you can take on more and more responsibilities and succeed in the responsibilities you are taking on making yourself more and more valuable to JustBats.com.

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