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Looking for a new BBCOR bat?

Looking for a new BBCOR bat?

The process of selecting the right BBCOR bat can be daunting. There are many to choose from, and most claim to be the hottest bat on the market. Where do you begin? Let me help you out a bit.

If you haven’t looked at the RIP-IT Prototype II, you should. The original Prototype (PROB) was the most preferred BBCOR bat on the market, and for good reason. It was, no joke, the hottest bat on the market. In fact, it was too hot, and the bat was pulled from the market. RIP-IT made the appropriate changes to meet the BBCOR standards. It was reissued with the same graphics and color, but given a new SKU of PROBR with the last ‘R’ standing for re-certified. RIP-IT was able to meet the BBCOR standards while maintaining the explosiveness of the bat. Word spread like wildfire that the Prototype remained the best BBCOR bat available, guaranteed. They sold like crazy and now only 800 of them are left. will be receiving 600 of the limited supply in the near future, so get yours before they run out!

During the re-certification process, RIP-IT developed the Prototype II (PROB2). It’s essentially the same great bat as last season’s Prototype (PROBR), but it features a bold new design. You can expect to see results in your game if you hit with the Prototype II. No doubt, it has the most responsive barrel of all BBCOR bats. RIP-IT is so confident in the Prototype II that they’re offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. On top of that, the Prototype II is also backed by a Full 400 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty. Seriously guys, it’s the best BBCOR bat for the money, and you have nothing to lose if you try it and decide it’s not the bat you’re looking for.

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