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Easton Salvo Slow Pitch Softball Bat Review

Easton Salvo Slow Pitch Softball Bats

You know how when you step out of the dugout, into the on-deck circle, and all eyes fall on you? You can get the willies from all the thoughts going through your head. Are my cleats cool? Did I choose the right bat? Well, JustBats has a solution sure to squash the latter fear. It’s called the Easton Salvo. This lineup of slow pitch softball bats has been hitting home runs for over a decade and our Bat Experts have brought back three exclusive models that you can’t find anywhere else but JustBats! Let’s dive in.


Bat Overview

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let’s talk about the origin story of one of Easton’s best slow pitch softball bats of all time. The Salvo dates back to the early 2010s and has been dominant on diamonds ever since. But, what does Salvo even mean? Here’s a dictionary definition for you:




a simultaneous discharge of artillery or other guns in a battle.

"a deafening salvo of shots rang out"

If that doesn’t get you excited to swing this bat, we don’t know what will!

Bat Construction & Features

Are you looking for a one-piece slow pitch bat? Or, maybe you’re a fan of two-piece bats. Regardless of your preferred construction, the latest lineup of the Easton Salvo has you covered. With three different models, there’s a bat for nearly every player out there. 

And for those young guns out there, you might remember the Easton Mako bats that ruled over youth and high school baseball 5-10 years ago. Well, these Salvos's barrels are going to have the same TCT Thermo Composite Material that was featured on those Makos. The Makos mashed back in the day and these Salvos will do the same!

Easton Salvo 13.5" Loaded Dual Stamp 240 Slow Pitch Softball Bat (SPSAL2L)

2022 Easton Salvo 13.5

With a two-piece, all-composite construction, this model is adored by nearly all slow pitch players. The flex feel is incomparable and the vibration is essentially nonexistent. 

Notable features include:

  • Two-Piece Bat With A Long 13.5” Barrel Length
  • ConneXion Connector Piece Fuses The Composite Barrel & Composite Handle Together 
  • Handle Is Composed Of Easton's Sic Black Carbon Composite Material
  • Easton’s Player Optimized Loaded Swing Feel (Feels Slightly End-Loaded)

Easton Salvo 13.5" Loaded Dual Stamp 240 Slow Pitch Softball Bat (SPSAL1LE)

It is made with a one-piece, all-composite construction. Power hitters like these one-piece bats as it feels like all the power you put into your swing will get transferred into the softball at the moment of contact. And even though it is a one-piece bat, Easton used their engineering genius to seamlessly blend two different types of composite together at the taper of the bat.

Notable features include:

  • One-Piece Bat With A 13.5” Barrel Length
  • A Seamless Blend Of TCT Thermo Barrel Composite & Sic Black Carbon Handle Composite (Conserving The One-Piece Build)
  • Easton’s Player Optimized Loaded Swing Feel (Feels Slightly End-Loaded)

Easton Salvo 12.75" Loaded Dual Stamp 240 Slow Pitch Softball Bat (SPSAL1L)

2022 Easton Salvo 12.75

Like the bat mentioned right above, this one also features the one-piece, all-composite build. But when compared to that one-piece Salvo 13.5" Bat (SPSAL1LE), this model will probably feel a bit more barrel loaded. Since it has a shorter 12.75” barrel length, there is less space to place the barrel weight and thus that weight is condensed into a smaller area. Therefore, this bat’s barrel will feel slightly heavier even though both bats technically feature the same barrel load.

Notable features include:

  • One-Piece Bat With A 12.75” Barrel Length
  • Seamless Blend Of The TCT Thermo Barrel Composite & Sic Black Carbon Handle Composite (Conserving The One-Piece Build)
  • Easton’s Player Optimized Loaded Swing Feel (Feels Slightly End-Loaded)

The nitty-gritty of each bat is very important to note, BUT arguably the most important feature of these three softball bats is their “Dual Stamp” certification. USA Softball (ASA) & USSSA are the two biggest softball organizations out there and nearly all leagues are organized underneath at least one of these two organizing bodies. Typically, if a slow pitch bat has a USA Softball stamp, it usually lacks the USSSA stamp (and vice-versa). But these Salvos will feature both the USA Softball & USSSA stamps (plus a few others as well). Say "hello" to three slow pitch bats that can be used in just about any league out there. If you hop around from team to team playing softball throughout the year, these Salvo bats will be a great selection because you'll be able to use them anywhere.

Bat Designs

Our in-house Product Development Manager, Mike Pratt, creates unparalleled, exclusive bats with regularity. His experience designing and creating baseball equipment is impressive. And when we sat down and asked him about the Salvos, Mike said it was his hope to “pay homage to the original 2011 slowpitch release, which featured punchy, bold colors and sleek graphics, but while also incorporating some of the more recent Easton design language.” You can tell Mike understood the assignment and did his homework on the looks of the Salvo bats throughout the years. He also commented that he “kept the background graphics clean and minimal as they have been throughout the history of the product line.” The Easton Slow Pitch purists out there will be very appreciative of the time and detail that Mike put into designing these Salvos.

Easton Salvo Slow Pitch Softball Bats

See What Others Are Saying

As mentioned, the great Salvo brand of bats has been around for over a decade. We dug into our vault and found some reviews from the original Easton Salvo that still ring true today. 


“Love this bat. For the price, you can’t beat the Salvo! This bat will hit bombs, but if you are a hard line-drive hitter, you will fall in love with this bat.” 


“My friend had a Salvo and the first time I swung it I hit one out. Bought one of my own and it feels great in your hands.”


“This bat is one of the best you can buy for ASA leagues. Great for line drives and hard grounders for the smaller guys.”


Still not sure about which slowpitch bats you want to swing for the upcoming season? Try our Bat Coach! Simply answer a few questions and you’ll get a list of 'hand-picked' results created just for you. Or, you can always contact our Bat Experts who are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 866-321-2287, email at, or live chat. We’re JustBats, and we’re with you from Click To Hit!

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