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Department Of The Month: Creative

Department Of The Month: Creative

Every month we would like to introduce you to a department at JustBats.com. Each department around here plays a key role in making sure everything runs smoothly and you get your bats in a timely manner, while having a great experience shopping with us. Meet the Creative team, this department is all about the graphics that you see on the web in our email blasts, it's also responsible for all those sweet videos you can watch about our products.

1. Tell us a little bit about the Creative team.
The goal of the Creative Department here at JustBats.com is to create everything visually for the company. The Creative team helps provide the customers with a good visual piece of art that helps them find what they are looking for.
2. What kind of responsibilities does each person in the Creative Department take on everyday?
We take on almost everything visually that our customers see on our site, blog and social media areas. We tackle Product Images, Product Videos, Email Marketing, Social Media, Blog Content, Company Newsletter and much more.
3. Are there any major challenges you and the team face daily, weekly or even monthly in the Creative Department?
Not too many. I feel like we have a strong team and a lot of talent here. If one of us isn't sure about a project, we really pull together and use peoples' strengths where it fits best.
4. What would you say you look for the most in someone wanting to become a Creative in the department?
Always be creating. Whether it's in your field or not, always continue using your talent for something. We definitely encourage our Creative team to work on extra projects that benefit our company someway.
5. We all know with work there has to be some play, tell us about some of the perks of being in the Creative Department.
We all work together very well. I feel like we're one big family. We might drive each other crazy sometimes, but I feel like we would do anything for each other. Everyday we get to come into work and it's easy to forget you're at work when the team you get to be around is really awesome.
6. What are some of the ways you think JustBats.com and the Creative Department go above and beyond to keep our customers happy?
We really try to listen to our customers and give them what they want. That may sound cliche, but we really do. If someone sends an email or comments on our Facebook page about something we can change in our videos, we take every single one of those into consideration and try to make them better.
7. What is the best part about being a Creative at JustBats.com?
I know I said it before but I really love the people on our Creative team staff. Coming into work everyday and getting to work with great, talented people is the greatest. They are very good at what they do, they work their butts off and they teach me things everyday. Can't ask for anything better.

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