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ASA Approved And American Made: 2013 Worth 454 Mutant

ASA Approved And American Made: 2013 Worth 454 Mutant

Worth has changed the DNA of the 454 Mutant once again. New HMF Technology, ASA Stamp and Flex Fifty Technology combined with its patented 454 Technology have resulted in the highest performing and most durable mutant known to man: the 2013 Worth 454 Mutant!


The 2013 Worth 454 Mutant is made in America and features the new ASA stamp. It’s not approved for play in any other associations. With ASA’s new standards, the bats have more pop than ever before, making this the HOTTEST model of the 454 Mutant to ever hit the market! Now lets take a look at the technology of the new 454 Mutant.

Worth’s patented 454 technology extends the sweet spot of the bat 2” in each direction, making it one of the largest sweet spots in the slow pitch game. The 454 Mutant also features new HMF (High Modulus Fiber) Technology. The HMF technology gives the new carbon fiber a smaller diameter which allows there to be more individual fibers to be woven together. Simply put, this results not only in an increase in performance, but also an increase in durability.

If that isn’t enough technology for you, don’t worry, there’s more. The Flex Fifty Technology creates 50% more flex in the 454 Mutant than seen in previous models. Additional flex helps to create a “whip” action which helps increase your bat speed to give you not only more power, but a more comfortable feel at contact. This is combined with its balanced design which is ideal for players seeking maximum bat control.

The 2013 Worth 454 Mutant is also available in a USSSA model. Check out the customer reviews on both the ASA and USSSA models and check out other comparable bats here!

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