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6 Baseball Bats Seen At 2018 College World Series

6 Baseball Bats Seen At 2018 College World Series

Thanks to strong local and influential business folks, as well as a community that embraces the tradition, Omaha, Nebraska has been home to the College World Series since 1950.

Omaha has become synonymous with collegiate baseball. Every June the best college teams compete for the championship, and--recently--bat manufacturers have used the event as a showcase for new baseball bats. has taken note, so here are six (6) baseball bats seen at the 2018 College World Series that have us excited.

Here's the 2018 College World Series bracket.

Please feel free to update us on BBCOR bats or baseball bats you've seen on television or read about from the College World Series (simply comment on this post). We'll do what we can to provide information.

Closeout BBCOR Bats | BBCOR Closeout Bats

2019 Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 Bat

Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats | Used by University of North Carolina

These baseball bats will be available August 2018. Most of the features will be similar to the 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 BBCOR baseball bat.

2018 Marucci Posey28 Metal Bat

Marucci Baseball Bats | Used by Texas Tech University

Texas Tech stormed through the Big XII with 44 wins, and some of the team has enjoyed the benefits of Marucci's metal baseball bat modeled after Buster Posey's game-day model. Even though the bat looks like maple wood, it sounds and performs like metal. Key features of the Marucci BBCOR bat include:

Marucci Posey28 Metal Baseball Bat

  • One-piece, aluminum alloy baseball bat.
  • AZ4X alloy offers increased strength with a higher response rate.
  • Ring-free barrel technology for maximum performance and no dead spots.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Optimized barrel design delivers explosive performance with a more responsive sweet spot.
2018 Easton Beast X Loaded Bat

Easton Baseball Bats | Used by Mississippi State University & University of Arkansas 

By virtue of having two hitter-friendly teams employing its service, the Easton Beast X Loaded has made the most plate appearances in the CWS and produced the most hits. Players enjoy the end loaded swing the bat provides, which is perfect for the power hitters on these two SEC teams. Key features of the Easton BBCOR bat include:

Easton Beast X Loaded Bat

  • One-piece, aluminum alloy baseball bat.
  • Recommended for power hitters.
  • End loaded swing weight offers more mass behind the ball at contact.
  • Longest aluminum 2 5/8 inch BBCOR barrel in baseball.
  • X-tended barrel design uses Z-CORE internal core technology for a massive sweet spot.


2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro Bat

Rawlings Baseball Bats | Used by University of Washington

These baseball bats will be available August 2018. Most of the features will be similar to the 2018 Rawlings Quatro BBCOR baseball bat. Here is a sneak of the highly-anticipated Quatro Pro!


2018 DeMarini Voodoo Insane Bat

DeMarini Baseball Bats | Used by Oregon State University

The mighty Beavers from Oregon always pack a lot of power from DeMarini, who is headquartered in Oregon. This time around, the team seems to like the spell-binding Voodoo Insane. This bat is one of just a handful of two-piece baseball bats being swung in Omaha. Key features of the DeMarini BBCOR bat include:

DeMarini Voodoo Insane BBCOR Bat

  • Two-piece, hybrid baseball bat.
  • 3Fusion end cap optimizes weight, control, and overall durability.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • X14 alloy barrel delivers precision performance with resilient strength.
  • 100% composite handle helps reduce shock in the hands.
2018 Easton Z-CORE Lock & Load Bat

Easton Baseball Bats  | Used by University of Texas & University of Florida

Easton remains one of the most popular vendors at the College World Series. The defending champions (Florida) have been swinging the Z-CORE Lock & Load, which was one of the first bats to allow players to change from a balanced swing weight to an XL weight. Key features of the Easton BBCOR bat include:

Easton Lock Load BBCOR Bat

  • One-piece, aluminum alloy baseball bat.
  • LOCK & LOAD adjustable swing weight technology offers speed, balanced, and XL settings.
  • Longest aluminum BBCOR barrel in the game.
  • HMX (Hyperlite Matrix) alloy construction provides unbeatable durability.
  • Z-CORE internal core technology creates a huge sweet spot.

Have you been watching the College World Series? Which bats have you seen? Comment below and let us know.

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