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Easton Typhoon: LK72 Youth

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Easton Typhoon: LK72 Youth
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Easton Typhoon: LK72 Youth
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Is it a bbcor or besr bat?

The Easton Typhoon: LK72 Youth bat is neither. Only Adult Bats are eligible for BBCOR and the old BESR certifications. The Easton Typhoon: LK72 is a Youth Bat.

Tyler Expert ·Nov 18, 2012
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I have a question about the Easton Typhoon LK72 Youth. Is it USSSA legal?

The Easton Typhoon LK72 Youth does not have the USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp.

Damon Expert ·Sep 22, 2012
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does this bat have a dixie youth stamp on it

Yes, this bat has the 1.15 BPF stamp, so it will be legal for dixie youth play. For additional information, please contact our customer service department at 1-866-321-2287

Zach Expert ·Mar 10, 2012
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Does this bat have the actual USSSA stamp on it? We went to our sporting store and the bat only had a small tagline that stated it was USSSA.

This bat says it is approved on the bat, so it should be fine for USSSA play.

Zach Expert ·Mar 03, 2012
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can the easton typhoon lk72 (2 1/4in)youth still used as a legal bat on 2012 season?

Yes. It has the USSSA and BPF 1.15 stamp.

Kara Expert ·Feb 06, 2012
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Is this bat Usssa certified.

It is marked USSSA BPF 1.15 but it does not have the USSSA stamp on the bat

John Expert ·Jan 21, 2012
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What is the difference between this bat and the LK71t youth bat. Thanks for the help.

The LK72 is more updated in the approved associations markings.

Linda Expert ·Jan 03, 2012
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is this bat made of aluminum or metal

This is a one piece alloy.

John Expert ·Dec 03, 2011

This is an aluminum bat

John Expert ·Dec 03, 2011
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Does this bat have the new BPF 1.15 stamp? I don't see it on the pictures.

Yes. It has the BPF 1.15 stamp.

Kara Expert ·Nov 03, 2011

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