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Miken Freak FX700 SuperMax ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SPFXMA

Reviews for the Miken Freak FX700 SuperMax ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SPFXMA
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Pros:  I played two games with this bat and me personally thinks this is the best miken if not best bat out to date. Got the 27 Supermax and has a great feel the grip is like no other miken, nice thick and sticky. I have about 20 swings with it and team used it also. Some of these line drives were coming off crazy fast, i also have a vicious and let's say that I'm selling that bat. Also I like the matted black look holds up against damage better than glossy paint. This freak is a must have for softball players!!!

Cons:  When I ordered the bat the graphics on it looked like they weren't heated on all the way, hoping for no problems

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Pros:  I know that people always say that bat's are *HOT* out of the wrapper but this bat is. 3rd hit went 330 easy.

Cons:  The SuperMax end loading was a bit different.I swing a 28oz bat but went with a 27 due to the SuperMax and it was a great choice. No Con's for this bat

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Pros:  This bat is super hot for asa play. The ball jumps off the bat and feels broken in right out of the wrapper. I highly recommend this bat to anyone looking for a new bat. With the way miken set up the end load with this bat your swing effort to ball distance ratio drastically decreased. Half swings with this bat produces 250 foot hits. That being said if you put a good swing on it just admire it!

Cons:  The end loading on this is unlike anything I have ever swung. I normally use a 30oz bat and I am swinging the 26oz version of this bad boy. Bat control is a must because it feels like all the weight is in the last 2 inches of the barrel. Other then that enjoy many many big flys with this one!

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can i use this bat for usssa

Yes, this is USSSA approved.

KG Expert
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does this bat come with a 26 oz

Yes, however we are currently out of stock.

Kara Expert
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i did not see nsa sticker own bat picture, does it have one and is it aproved for nsa now

Yes, it will state NSA approved on the barrel of the bat.

John Expert
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Miken Freak FX700 SuperMax ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SPFXMA
About Miken

During the past few years, serious softball players have looked to Miken Sports for bats that provide the highest levels of performance and durability. Our relentless focus on both technology and the demands of players has made Miken the most demanded line of softball bats today.Although composites are the latest trend in softball bats, the technology has been the core of Miken's success since the company's inception. Miken pioneered the modern high-performance composite softball bat in 1998 and has pushed the limits with every model since. No other bat company has driven innovation as h.... read more

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Bat Features
Description for Miken Freak FX700 SuperMax ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SPFXMA
Get your Freak on this season with the newest installment of this beloved Miken classic! The Freak FX700 is a 100% composite bat constructed with some of the most innovative technology on the market. The Freak starts out with Miken's R900 Carbon Fiber that provides 38.8% higher tensile strength and 40% higher elongation than the industry standard. This composite material is proven to endure grueling play and deliver unrivaled durability. The barrel is enhanced with Durashell Technology (DST) which acts as a composite shield on the outer shell, maximizing performance right out of the wrapper. Inside the barrel, Miken uses HBF Technology to create a multi-layer wall that is 100% "fully released" for extreme hot-out-of-the-wrapper play. Furthermore, the proprietary layering of these walls extends the barrel flex which results in a 20% larger sweetspot! This hitting surface is then perfected using Miken's Advanced Inner Flex Technology that delivers precisely calibrated handle flex and energy transfer to optimize barrel rebound. For the player this means maximum trampoline effect, maximum ball speed and maximum distance! The Freak is finished off with an Extreme X-Tack grip that gives players the optimal amount of tack for true comfort and bat control. Miken: Elite Equipment for the Elite Player! The Freak FX700 comes with a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
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Approved For:ASA
Price:$200 - $299.99
Sub Type:Softball

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