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Mattingly Saber Senior League Baseball Bat: SBRSL

Reviews for the Mattingly Saber Senior League Baseball Bat: SBRSL
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Pros:  great pop, easy to swing, large sweet spot, bought for my 6 yr old and the 27/17 is perfect. GREAT BUY!!!

Cons:  none yet

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Pros:  nice sweetspot great grapicces i love the grip

Cons:  none

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Pros:  this bat has worked fine so far,my boy feels good swinging it.

Cons:  sI couldnt get a 31 leght 19 oz.size'

Questions and Answers for the Mattingly Saber Senior League Baseball Bat: SBRSL

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How does this bat rank against the SL126 (or other alloy bats)? There is quite the Mattingly following and this bat seems competitively priced. Is pricing due to being a lessor quality of just not as popular?

It is a very good bat, it is going to be comparable in feel and pop to bats like the SL126

Sean Expert
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How can I tell the difference between a kid pitch and coach pitch bat

Coach pitch bats are no longer allowed to say the words Coach pitch on them. A big barrel kid pitch bat, ironically will say Senior League, and a coach pitch will say Junior Big barrel.

Linda Expert
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Can I return this bat if i don't like it after I have already used it?

Unfortunately, if the bat has been used it cannot be returned.

Kara Expert
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What do you want to know about the Mattingly Saber Senior League Baseball Bat: SBRSL?

Mattingly Saber Senior League Baseball Bat: SBRSL
About Mattingly

Mattingly Hitting Products (MHP) Company was founded to promote improved hitting ability in young baseball players through the use of the patented V-Grip TM baseball bat and Don Mattingly's approach to hitting. MHP has created the first truly unique innovation in baseball and softball bats since the introduction of aluminum bats during the 1970's. Early in his baseball career, Don quickly realized that the key to increasing hand quickness and bat speed could be found in the grip, and that a good grip meant positioning the bat in the fingers and not in the palms. After much experimentati.... read more

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Bat Features
  • **BPF 1.15**
  • -10 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Direct Power Transfer
  • Extended Barrel With Massive Sweetspot
  • Features USSSA 1.15 Stamp; Legal for Use in 2012
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • MB7500 Atomic Alloy
  • One-Piece Design
  • Stiff Handle For Explosive Energy Transfer
  • Traditional Round Handle
Description for Mattingly Saber Senior League Baseball Bat: SBRSL
New for 2012! The SBRSL features the USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp and is legal for play in 2012! If it's one-piece power you're looking for this season, the Saber should be your weapon of choice! The Saber is constructed using Mattingly's MB7500 Performance Alloy. This alloy blend will give players consistently solid hits and the strength to endure even the fiercest pitching. The Saber employs Mattingly's increasingly popular Direct Power Transfer which maximizes energy return to the ball, giving players a noticeably more explosive reaction on contact! In the past, Mattingly has been known for its V-Grip handle. The Saber shakes things up a bit and gives players the outstanding performance of Mattingly bats, with a traditional round handle. This handle design will give players a comfortable swing every time up. The Saber has some of the most appealing graphics of any big barrel bat on the market and will surely turn some heads as it continuously blasts shots into the outfield! Mattingly: Be a Game Changer! The Saber is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

I just ordered a bat for my daughter yesterday and received it today! Was going to take my son to the local sporting goods store this weekend to get his, but just went ahead and ordered his today. Have ordered from here before and had great service. Will never buy a bat anywhere else!

- Twins Mom, , IA
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Bat Properties
Approved For:USSSA
Barrel Diameter:2 5/8"
Length to Weight Ratio:-10
Price:$0 - $99.99
Sub Type:Baseball

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