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Mattingly Balistk Round Handle: BTKSL Senior League

Reviews for the Mattingly Balistk Round Handle: BTKSL Senior League
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  • Please note that this bat DOES have the USSSA 1

    Mattingly R&D
  • Took a chance on a Mattingly over some of the more popular brands

    Freeport Boulevard

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Pros:  Great bat when you first get it but do not expect this bat to last

Cons:  Less than twenty games the bat dents up horribly the paint cracks the bat becomes useless and the mattingly customer service is worse than this bat. DO NOT BUY THIS

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Pros:  Nice looking. Great initial pop. HR, triple, Double & single in first game. ... Very good pop while it lasted .... (see below. It was used by one power-hitting player and did not survive a single tournament of play.)

Cons:  Dents with nearly each hard hit ball ... by 4th game it was no-longer legal for play. Dents began as small flattened areas after first game of a 13U tournament. By the third game larger flat spots appeared. By the fourth game, a two inch, 1/4 inch deep dent. Either this bat was defective or there is a serious engineering flaw in this design. Did not last through as single tournament of play.

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Pros:  this bat is probably the hottest drop 5 bat on the market. highly recomended.


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Is this bat legal for Little League Intermediate 50/70 division?

The Mattingly Balistk Round Handle: BTKSL Senior League is a one-piece composite design and is not legal for Little League Intermediate 50/70 division. Little League Intermediate requires all composite bats to have the BBCOR .50 certification stamp. The Balistk features the USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp.

Jason Expert ·Feb 08, 2014
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Can this be used by a youth requiring a BBCOR rating?

The Mattingly Balistk Round Handle (BTKSL) Senior League features the USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp and is not legal for BBCOR play.

Jason Expert ·Feb 08, 2014
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Is this bat okay for a 10 year old

As long as he is able to use a 2 5/8 inch barrel, he should be able to use this bat. This bat does have any alloy barrel, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the barrel. The only concern would be the barrel size.

Brett Expert ·Jun 09, 2011
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Mattingly Balistk Round Handle: BTKSL Senior League
About Mattingly

Mattingly Hitting Products (MHP) Company was founded to promote improved hitting ability in young baseball players through the use of the patented V-Grip TM baseball bat and Don Mattingly's approach to hitting. MHP has created the first truly unique innovation in baseball and softball bats since the introduction of aluminum bats during the 1970's. Early in his baseball career, Don quickly realized that the key to increasing hand quickness and bat speed could be found in the grip, and that a good grip meant positioning the bat in the fingers and not in the palms. After much experimentati.... read more

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Mattingly Balistk Round Handle: BTKSL Senior League
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Payment Options Include:
Bat Features
  • **BPF 1.15**
  • -5 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel
  • Features USSSA 1.15 Stamp; Legal for Use in 2012
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Metal Jacket Alloy Barrel Shell
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Integrated Composite End Cap
  • Massive Extended Barrel
  • One-Piece 100% Composite Frame
  • ROUND Handle
  • Tru Balance Weighting Technology
  • Vibration Reduction System
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Description for Mattingly Balistk Round Handle: BTKSL Senior League
Go Balistk and get the best of both worlds this season! This all-new bat from Mattingly features a groundbreaking one-piece dual design. We're talking true ingenuity and craftsmanship with this one! The Balistk starts with a 100% Composite full length frame for ultimate feel and pop. Then, like a knight putting on it's armor, the Balistk is given a Full Metal Jacket alloy barrel shell that gives this bat unmatched durability. The Balistk is topped off by an integrated composite end cap that is co-molded with the alloy shell to provide maximum energy transfer at impact. The handle on the Balistk is round, rather than V-Grip, and has a tightly controlled fiber layer throughout the Hit Zone Taper that gives this bat even greater performance and durability. With a Vibration Reduction system, the Balistk gives players that ultimate feeling of a well hit ball at impact. This bat also employs Mattingly's Tru Balance weighting technology that optimizes weight distribution and delivers unparalleled bat control through the hitting zone. Maximum performance, unmatched durability, and the ultimate feel. That's the Mattingly Balistk! The Mattingly Balistk features the USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp and is legal for play in 2012. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
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Just Bats is very easy to use and have always met my expectations. The products are always top notch.

- Allison, Madison, AL
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Bat Properties
Approved For:USSSA
Barrel Diameter:2 5/8"
Deals:Closeout Bats
Length to Weight Ratio:- 5
Material:Half and Half
Price:$100 - $199.99
Sub Type:Baseball