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Marucci David Ortiz Ash Wood Baseball Bat: DO34 Adult

Reviews for the Marucci David Ortiz Ash Wood Baseball Bat: DO34 Adult
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Pros:  Great balance, feels super light. Love the pop. Papi knows a thing or two about hitting for power. Marucci for $99.

Cons:  None. Love the bat. Could come in other colors.

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Pros:  I love this bat. I have 5 HR with it and I've used it for 4 games. It has great pop and is highly durable. It also has a massive sweet spot.

Cons:  None.

“Great bat”

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Pros:  The DO34 bat is the best bet I've ever owned. I has a great feel when you put your hands on the handle. I'm 13 years old and I'm 5 foot 3 and 105 pounds and I'm all of a sudden hitting 270 foot and 300 foot home runs . And it has a pretty cool, old style look to it.

Cons:  I've bought this bat twice. The first time I bought I broke it in the first game but the second time it has lasted me 50 league games and about 10 tournaments. The fact that it broke the first time so quickly was just coincidental.

Questions and Answers for the Marucci David Ortiz Ash Wood Baseball Bat: DO34 Adult

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Are the DO34 and Papi34 turns identical?

The Marucci David Ortiz Ash Wood Baseball Bat (DO34 Adult) and the Marucci David Ortiz Maple Wood Baseball Bat (PAPI34) will be identical specs with the only real difference being the bat material.

Jake Expert
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Does David Ortiz use the DO34 or the PAPI34?

Both the Marucci David Ortiz Ash Wood Baseball Bat (DO34) Adult and the Marucci David Ortiz Maple Wood Baseball Bat (PAPI34) are modeled after the bat that David Ortiz uses on game days. Between the two, I would say he would be most likely to use the PAPI34 because of the maple design. Maple tends to be harder than ash and also runs a bit heavier as well. Both bats will feature the same specs, with the main difference being the material used in the construction of the bats (ash vs. maple).

Tessa Expert
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Does a harder wood mean a faster ball exit speed? I'm trying to decide what type of wood I want my wood bat to be. I know the differences between ash/maple/birch.

The main feature of a harder wood typically means that the bat will have much better durability. The ball exit speed should be similar on all models. If you are able to swing an ash bat faster, then the ball exit speed would be faster as well.

Brandon Expert
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Marucci David Ortiz Ash Wood Baseball Bat: DO34 Adult
About Marucci

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Marucci was founded by two former Big Leaguers and their athletic trainer who began handcrafting bats for some of the best players in the game from their garage. Fast forward 10 years, and that dedication to quality and understanding of players' needs has turned into an All-American success story. Today, Marucci is the Number One bat in the Big Leagues and makes wood and aluminum bats, batting gloves, protective gear and other baseball and softball accessories. Star players like Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, David Ortiz, Jose Bautista and Andrew McCut.... read more Batting Gloves Batting Gloves

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  • Made from Cabretta Sheepskin Leather
  • Mesh Backing on Knuckles - Improves Flexibility and Durability
  • Superior Feel
  • Velcro Strap for a Snug, Flexible Fit
  • Vented to Allow Moisture and Heat to Escape
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Marucci David Ortiz Ash Wood Baseball Bat: DO34 Adult
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Description for Marucci David Ortiz Ash Wood Baseball Bat: DO34 Adult
The Marucci Bat Company™ takes pride in turning top quality wooden baseball bats in the same tradition and precise technique of the earliest bat companies. Every Marucci Bat™ is cut, calibrated, balanced, buffed and lacquered by hand. The Marucci Bat Company™ uses top grade Ash billets cut from selected, naturally grown trees in Pennsylvania forests. This selection process insures the highest possible grade of wood for each bat. The Marucci Bat Company™ bats are 100 percent handmade or turned in small batches from an original design, then finished and detailed by hand. Each model is made to exacting specifications maximizing balance and ease of handling. The Marucci Bat Company™ uses an Ultra Penetrating Stain that provides the best possible finish for your next Marucci Bat. Most impressive is the Bone Rubbing technique that The Marucci Bat Company™ uses. `Boning` bats began in the earliest days of baseball with players like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. These Hall-of-Famers would spend hours in their dugouts rubbing their bats with old cow femur bones. Bone Rubbing closes the wood`s pores, compressing it and making it harder. Marucci uses the same technique on their bats, rubbing before the finish is applied to seal and harden the wood. Just another example of how Marucci takes the same pride in their bats as our baseball heroes once did. Experience the excellence of a Marucci Bat. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

Easy to order,arrived quickly,and good quality product!

- Stephani, Casper, WY
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Bat Properties
Price:$100 - $199.99
Sub Type:Baseball
Wood Type:Ash

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