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M^Powered Junior Maple Wood Bat: MPJM Youth

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M^Powered Junior Maple Wood Bat: MPJM Youth
About M^Powered

M^Powered Baseball was founded with the mandate to supply professional grade baseball gear and equipment to serious baseball players. M^Powered Baseball is a professional baseball gear company engaged in the design, production and development of the highest quality game gear available anywhere. M^Powered Baseball was started by Mark Kreindler. Mr. Kreindler played division one baseball in the early 1970's and has been playing in the MSBL since 1990 in California. Unhapppy with the quality of baseball gear available in the market, he developed a product line that is of the highest qua.... read more

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Description for M^Powered Junior Maple Wood Bat: MPJM Youth
M^Powered has developed a species of maple that is hard, strong, and characteristically very similar to what adults and professionals use (usually termed as HARD MAPLE or SUGAR MAPLE). M^Powered's Red Maple (not red in color) is moderately heavy, very strong, HARD, and has low shock resistance. This wood has medium bending and crushing strength which is actually more advantageous for youth players than the very heavy and dense sugar maple counterpart. The Junior Lite maple bats have clear and straight grain and are turned from premium sap wood billets. The #1 benefit to a youth player is what we refer to as the drop. Most Sugar Maple bats realize a -1 to -2 drop; that is the difference between the length and weight in ounces. M^Powered's Red Maple realizes a drop of -5 to -8, making it easy to swing, and easier to attain quick twitch bat speed at a young age. This will translate to heavier wood bats as the player grows and matures physically. High grades of wood from the red maple are the perfect substitute for hard maple, particularly when it comes to introducing wood to young players as early as 5 or 6 years old. Red Maple baseball bats instill confidence and a very easy transition to wood at a very early age. M^Powered: Empower Your Game! Free Shipping!
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I could not have been more pleased with Just Bats service!!! Will shop here again and have also told friends about it.

- David, Lamar, SC
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Sub Type:Baseball
Wood Type:Maple