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Easton XL1 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X18

Easton XL1 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X18
Reviews for the Easton XL1 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X18
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  • This bat is freakin'awesome

  • This bat is amazing

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Pros:  My son really likes this bat, have been only using inside right now for soft toss, tee work, and some live hitting. Bat has great pop and a massive barrel

Cons:  With such a large barrel it is a little top heavy. Compaired with new cf5, the XL1 feels more top heavy

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Pros:  I am in love with this bat. I used it in my 11u nations baseball tourny, and it was great. It was cold and the ball still flew off the bat. I went 4 for 4 with 2 walks. I would definently recomend this for power hitters, who like composite bats.

Cons:  None.

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Pros:  It creates excellent power with the ball coming off the bat and has a smooth swing with little resistance.

Cons:  The bat is very expensive in a down ecomony.

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Pros:  This bat is freakin'awesome! I've only used it a couple times in batting practice but this bat is going to be amazing. It has so much pop, you just feel so strong when the ball shoots off the bat. plus, it has VIOLENT SOUND!!

Cons:  The length to weight ratio is more of a -7 than a -8 but it doesnt really matter I should have had a heavier bat anyway.

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Pros:  This bat is amazing! best bat i have ever owned. HUGE sweet spot, awesome pop and great grip this is by far the best bat on the market.

Cons:  none at all.

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Pros:  Good pop, no sting in hands, and looks sweet too.

Cons:  Needs between 100 and 300 hits off the tee to get proper break in.

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Pros:  best bat ever 350 home run. i swung really late on the ball but because of the massive sweetspot i got all of it

Cons:  none

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Pros:  Has good pop, huge barrel, and hits the ball far.

Cons:  I got mine in February, and it cracked once before the season started using it only indoors, and it just recently cracked again after under 10 games of use.

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Pros:  This bat is really good and has a massive sweet spot....i cant wait till season starts

Cons:  since it has such a big barrel for some hitters it is going to be hard to get ur bat speed up but u will get used to it

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Pros:  Huge sweet spot. Great for power hittters who like the long ball.

Cons:  A little top heavy.

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Pros:  i recently got this bat for my tournament in cooperstown. i started off with tee work and soft toss and a session of live hitting. and so far i love this bat. buy it!!!!!!!

Cons:  none so far

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Pros:  good bat, everyone on team wants to use it, has alot of pop

Cons:  Not the cheapest bat, but you pay for what you get!

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Pros:  This bat is amazing. Great for power hitters, which I am. Not too great for contact hitters because of the end-load. Anyways, I have been KILLING the ball lately. Everyone keeps complainig of the break in, but its not long. They complain about the price, too. But it's worth it. Everyone thinks the end-load is bad, but its not. I'm 12 and i got the 31/23 and its a great bat.

Cons:  Doubles are getting boring.

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Pros:  i have both youth and senior models of the xl1 the big barrel model has a longer barrel than the youth bat this bat is sick.. im 13 and hit 350 foot bombs with both of theme

Cons:  NONE

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Was this review helpful ? 3 3

Pros:  Great Bat. I moved from the Easton Speed to the XL1 Power Brigade. Same massive sweet spot and Pop. I would reccomend this bat.

Cons:  None Yet.

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Was this review helpful ? 2 2

Pros:  My son plays 13U travel ball, and he loves this bat. It has tons of pop and very little to no sting. He also has a CF5 and a EXO, and likes this bat best as do other players on the team.

Cons:  It is a little end loaded, so it takes some getting used to.

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Pros:  Great Pop. Nice bat, easy swing, the whole team likes to use it.

Cons:  The white part of the handle does get dirty quick but who care? If you smash a new baseball in the right spot the printing off the ball can imprint on the bat

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Pros:  This bat is amazing! I use the 31/23 -8 the ball flies of the bat even if you dont swing very hard.

Cons:  absolutely none

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Pros:  this bat is the best bat i ever had it has a lot of pop and the graphics are beastly yeah it is a little pricy but believe me if you are a power hitter this bats is just for you.

Cons:  the grip gets dirty easy but who cares

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Pros:  its a great bat and has tons of pop

Cons:  none

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Pros:  it is aloud in little league good composite bat and aloud in travel ball my little leaguer\travel baller loves this composite bat

Cons:  none it is awesome

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Pros:  The ball jumps off the barrel. My son is 8 years old and plays 9U. He uses this bat for slower pitchers. It helps keep his hands back and he crushs the ball to a 200 ft fence. My sons only weighs 75lbs but he is strong enough to uses a drop 8 on slower pitchers. On faster pitchers he uses a S1 drop 10.

Cons:  none

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Pros:  None

Cons:  This bat cracked after about a month. Has no pop.

Questions and Answers for the Easton XL1 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X18

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Is the Easton 2012 XL1 -8 Big Barrel Baseball Bat approved for Pony League?

The Easton XL1 is approved for play in Pony League.

Kara Expert
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will there be a 2013 model released soon?

Easton will release their new line of bats in mid-November.

Tyler Expert
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I'm in the middle of a contact hitter and power hitter. Which bat will help me generate more power, the XL1 or CF5?

The Easton XL1 is an end loaded bat, perfect for generating more power.

Kara Expert
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I'm 13 years old. Which bat would you recommend the XL series or CF5. Which XL bat is better the XL1 or XL2?

The 2012 DeMarini CF5 would be more comparable to the Easton XL1 because they are slightly end loaded. The 2013 CF5 is a more balanced bat. The main difference between the XL1 and the XL2 is that the XL1 is a fully composite bat, whereas the XL2 has a composite handle and aluminum barrel.

Tom Expert
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When i replace an easton bat do i have to give back the bat that i want replaced?

Yes. When exercising your warranty with Easton, they will require a return of the damaged or defective bat.

Tyler Expert
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I'm thirteen years old and know that high school is coming soon I'm swinging a 31"/23oz bat now but I'm wondering should I get the -5 or -8 XL1. The barrel on the -8 is bigger which I like I don't want to go strait to a BBCOR yet please help me make this decision.

The sweet spot on the -5 and -8 XL3 will be the same size. If you have good enough bat speed to swing the -5 we would recommend doing that, so you'll be better adjusted once you have to use the BBCOR bats. If not, then the -8 will be fine too.

Tom Expert
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I bought this bat about 2 weeks ago and have only done tee work, soft toss, and one BP session of about 20 hits. Its a 32/24 and now whenever I tip the bat one end to the other inside I can hear something rattling almost like sand? Can you explain what this is? And will it affect my bat's performance and/or durability?

This is typically caused by a small piece or pieces of epoxy glue used on the endcap that has broken loose. This happens when a little too much glue is used and causes a little "overflow". This will not effect the performance of the bat or it's durability. However, it may make it eligible for a warranty replacement, if you were to contact Easton at 1-888-259-1297.

Tyler Expert
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Will you be getting anymore 31/23 in stock? And is the barrel on the XL1 longer than the barrel on the XL2 and XL3?

Unfortunately, we will not be getting any additional sizes in stock. The barrel lengths are the same between the XL1,2 & 3.

Tyler Expert
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My son is 5'2", 137 lbs.. a contact & power hitter. We have the Xl1 youth 31/21 & looking for a big barrel for travel ball. Is the 32/24 too heavy for him?

That is the most difficult question for us to answer, as it's impossible to say without being able to see and analyze his swing. However, it's fairly common for players to move up 2-3 ounces in weight with every new bat. If he had good swing speed and bat control with the 21 oz bat, then he should be just fine with the 32" 24 oz model.

Tyler Expert
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Is this bat legal in the Sandy Koufax League?

Depending on how hold you are a drop 5 is the Maximum for all 15 year olds, however there is no limitation for 13-14 year olds in the 2012 season.

Damon Expert
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Will you be getting new sizes for this bat soon? I can't use a 29 inch bat.

The Easton XL1 is discontinued. We will not receive more inventory.

Kara Expert
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Hi, I'm going in to be playing middle school ball. Which composite big barrel would you recommend?Also is it mandatory to have a big barrel in middle school?

The barrel size depends on which particular league you are playing in. Here is a link to our most popular fully composite big barrel bats.

Tom Expert
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Would the SL11X18 senior league legal for 50-70 2013?

That all depends on what league you are playing in. I suggest checking with your coach or league director for your official league rules.

Tyler Expert
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Hi, I'm going into Babe Ruth right now I'm using the XL1 Youth. I'm a big kid would you prefer the CF5 or XL1 more?

Either the Easton XL1 or the DeMarini CF5 would be a good choice. Both are two-piece composite bats and are very similar. The main difference is the XL1 is end loaded and the CF5 is very balanced. Also keep in mind that composite bats must be BBCOR certified in order to be legal for Babe Ruth play.

Jennifer Expert
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I need a 28/18oz senior league. Where can i find one? Is this size even made by Easton (XL1,Xl2 or XL3)?

The Easton XL series is not made in a -10 Senior League model but Easton does offer the 28" 18oz. in the S1, S2, and the S3. Here is a link to take a look at those models.

Tom Expert
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Is this bat legal for 13 under 2013 USSSA tournaments?

The Easton XL1 features the new USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp on the taper of the bat, which makes it legal for play in USSSA sanctioned events.

Nick K. Expert
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Is this bat legal for pony league?

Yes. The Easton SL11X18 is legal for play in Pony. Material is not a factor at any level of play in Pony.

Tyler Expert
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do you have a 31 23 of this model?

Thank you for your question. We are currently out of stock of the Easton XL1 in a 31 in. 23 oz. We are in line to receive more soon.

Nick Expert
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Is this bat balanced like the XL3?

The Easton XL1 and the Easton XL3 are both end loaded bats. The Easton S1 and the Easton S3 are balanced.

Kara Expert
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Is this bat legal for use in Juniors?

No. The XL1 SL11X18 is a composite youth big barrel bat. It is not legal for the Junior Division within Little League.

Tyler Expert
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Why isn't this bat BBCOR certified and what are the differences between the adult version of this bat and this version? Would it be okay to use in Babe Ruth league?

Only bats with a -3 length to weight ratio will be BBCOR certified. This particular model of the Easton XL1, the SL11X18, has a -8 length to weight ratio. Any model of the Easton XL1 will be a two-piece fully composite made of the same composite material. The only differences are the length to weight ratios.

Tom Expert
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Is this bat BBCOR certified?

No. This is a Senior League (Youth Big Barrel) bat. Only Adult bats are eligible for BBCOR certification.

Tyler Expert
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My son has a Easton Titan he has been use a few years 31" 22 oz. He is 11 and has very good power and speed can you tell me what bat would help him add a couple of feet to his hits . I think his Titan is a alloy bat . Will a composite bat help him gain a few feet on his hits?

The XL1 would be a great choice for your son. It is a composite bat that will outperform most alloy bats. It also is slightly end-loaded for those stronger hitters with above average swing speed.

Tyler Expert
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I'm not a power hitter but i can still swing the end loaded bats with power. Should I get the Xl1 or the S1. I don't care if one is end loaded Which has more power?

Since you said you can swing an end-loaded bat with power, I would recommend the XL1. If you can generate the same swing speed with an end-loaded bat as you can with a balanced bat, then you should see better performance with the XL.

Tyler Expert
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Does this have a bigger sweet spot then the S1?

The XL1 does have a slightly larger sweet spot than the S1. The XL1 has an extended barrel and an larger sweet spot, which gives it it's end loaded feel.

Jennifer Expert
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Is this barrel longer than the XL2's barrel? And will it be legal in 13U travel ball as well as juniors(which is part of little league)?

The barrels on these two bats will be the same length. The XL1 will not be legal in juniors. The rules for Junior Little League play state that all composite barrel bats must be BBCOR certified. This particular model is not BBCOR certified. Only adult -3 bats will have that certification.

Jennifer Expert
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i am 5/1 and 90 lbs and 12 years old and about to move to the bigger field. and want to to no if i should get the s1 or xl1 i have alot of power im just small

If your more of a power hitter, the XL1 is going to be a better fit for you. This is from the Power Brigade series, and is designed to transition power into bat speed creating more distance on your hits. The XL1 also features an extended barrel for more hitting surface. Here is the link to view more features on the SL11X18.

Derek Expert
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Hey I'm in the middle between a power hitter and a contact hitter. I can handle a slightly end loaded bat but still have a little balanced which of the XL series should i get?

I would recommend the XL1. It's a high performing two piece, all composite bat that is great for stronger hitters who still like that two piece feel.

Tyler Expert
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I'm a 6'2" 218lb 13 yr old, and I am trying to decide between the XL1(-8), Marucci Black(-8), & Exo(-9). Which one would you recommend?

Well this depends on what kind of hitter you are. If you are more of a contact/gap hitter, then I would recommend going with a two piece bat like the Easton XL1 or the Marucci Black. If you are more of a power hitter then I would suggest going with a one piece bat like the EXOGRID2.

Jennifer Expert
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Purchased XL2 from you for fall ball (XL1 was out of stock). Looking for backup bat for season. Have always used composite but like the XL2 alloy. Can u tell me main difference of XL1 & XL2. 12yr, 5'6" 142lb, power hitter

The main difference is that the XL1 has a composite barrel and the XL2 has an alloy barrel. Both will feel slightly end-loaded. Composites do have the tendency to outperform alloy.

Tyler Expert
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Trying to decide between XL1 and Omen in a drop 8 for a smaller 13 year old. Can you contrast the differences between the two?

Both bats are pretty similar in design and performance. The main difference is that the Omen is more balanced, and the XL1 is a little more end loaded. If he has a pretty strong swing, I would probably suggest going with the XL1. If he needs help with this swing, I would suggest going with a more balanced bat like the Omen.

Jennifer Expert
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My son has a Easton Speed Senior league bat but I need to replace since does not have the USSSA stamp. Would this be a similar bat?

The SL11X18 will be very similar to the Speed. This bat is an all composite bat just like the Speed was. The XL series bats have bigger barrels for maximum power. This bat also has the USSSA stamp.

Kris Expert
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Which bat is better, power brigade XL1 or CF5?

Both bats are very similar and will perform just about the same, as they are both a two piece composite design. The XL1 has an extended barrel design with a larger sweet spot and will be a little more end heavy. The CF5 will be more balanced and gives players the ability to swing faster with less effort and create more power. Both are great bats and you can't go wrong with either!

Jennifer Expert
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My son is 8 years old and had the 2012 XL1 small barrel and was crushing the ball. He decided that he did not want to play rec ball anymore and now is playing travel ball. He has always played with a drop 10 and I noticed that the XL1 big barrel only comes in a drop 8. The S1 comes in a drop 10. Which 29 inch bat should I get the XL1 or S1?

That's a good question, and without being able to see him swing, it's a difficult one to answer. The 29 inch XL1 will feel significantly heavier and more end-loaded than the 29 inch S1. I feel that the 29 inch XL1 may be a little too big of a jump given it's end-loaded feel and those added 2 ounces. I would lean towards the S1.

Tyler Expert
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Will the XL1 or Omen be closer to to the Easton Speed?

The Easton S1 is the model that Easton made to replace the Omen since it is being discontinued. The S1 will be a pretty balanced bat, while the XL1 is going to be a little more end loaded.

Jennifer Expert
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Which has more pop, the Omen or the XL1? Which is more balanced?

Since both the Omen and the XL1 are made out of composite material, they will have very similar pop. The XL1 has an extended barrel with a larger sweet spot so it will feel more end loaded, while the Omen is pretty balanced.

Jennifer Expert
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how is this bat different than the Easton Omen BNC11XL?

These two bats are actually very similar in design and materials, but they just have a different name for 2012 from 2011.

Brad Expert
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Just bought this bat and we love it.Is it legal to use in the Junior division of Little League.

This bat is not legal in Junior division in little league, all full composite bats must be BBCOR certified in junior division

John Expert
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Comparing the Easton XL1 -8 and the Louisville Slugger Z1000 -8, are both equally balanced or is one more end weighted?

The Z1000 is just slightly more balanced.

Linda Expert
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does this bat have more pop than the demarini cf5?

This bat will have similar pop to the CF5. Both of these bats will have an end loaded feel and be more for power hitters due to that end loaded feel.

KG Expert
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I weigh 92 lbs., im 5-2, and i'm a well hitting leadoff or #2 hitter. Which bat is better, Easton XL1: SL11X18 Senior League or Easton Omen: BNC11XL Senior League

The XL1 would be my choice.

Linda Expert
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will the composite XL1 out perform the XL2, or will they be similar in weight, pop, distance and feel?

They are going to be similar, just the time to get the pop is slightly different. The XL2 will be a little more immediate since it has the alloy barrel. The XL1 will take a little break in time, but well worth it once broken in. Great pop.

Linda Expert
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Is there a 31/23 bat?

They do make them, we are currently out of stock in them. Feel free to give us a call to get an update on when more are arriving.

Linda Expert
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Is this the replacement for the Omen? Also - will this bat come in a -10 version like the Omen? Thanks

Last update I was given is that we are getting -10's. Not sure when the delivery of them will be yet though.

Linda Expert
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Is this approved for 14u Babe Ruth?

This bat does have the USSSA 1.15 stamp on the barrel of the bat. I would still make sure with your coach or the head of the league that you are able to use big barrel composite bats.

Todd Expert
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Is this bat end loaded like the small barrel XL1 -10 (which I like) or balanced like the big barrel XL1 -10? Which bat does it sound like?

This bat is going to be a balanced feel

Sean Expert
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Is this bat better than the b3? I am a power hitter and for me it does not matter about the weight. Which has more 'pop'?

Both would be awesome, both have tremendous pop. But if I had to choose, I'd lean toward the B3 ONLY because it is a one piece composite, and power hitters generally prefer 1 piece bats to 2 piece.

Linda Expert
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Easton XL1 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X18
About Easton

As the industry leader for over 30 years, Easton Baseball/Softball has continued to raise the bar with innovation, originality and ingenuity. It began in 1969, when Easton produced the first true aluminum bat, and has continued throughout the past three decades with virtually all significant industry "firsts" having been pioneered by Easton: first CU31 bat; first C405 bat; first titanium bat; first Carbon Core bat; first Scandium bat; etc. The trend continues today with bats such as the Tri-Shell and the ConneXion. The patented Tri-Shell design features a super elastic rubber sleeve san.... read more

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Bat Features
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • -8 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Carbon Nanotube Technology (CNT)
  • Extended Barrel Design
  • Features USSSA 1.15 Stamp; Legal for Use in 2012
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • IMX Composite
  • Patented ConneXion Technology Reduces Vibration
  • Two-Piece Fully Composite Design
Description for Easton XL1 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X18
Easton truly believes that every player should have the opportunity to hit for power. However, the road to power hitting is different for every player. Some players need extra bat speed to reach their full power potential, while others need more weight and a bigger barrel. That's why Easton is changing the game this season and taking an approach to bats that no other manufacturer has ever tried before. Introducing the POWER Brigade; Two series, one distinct result. Whether you prefer the fast swinging Speed Series or the heavier extended barrel XL Series, POWER will be your outcome. Forget flashy designs and gimmicky names, these bats produce RESULTS. The Speed Series (S1, S2, S3) features the lowest Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) on the market to create light swing weights and generate more power. On the other side of the spectrum, the XL Series (XL1, XL2, XL3) features extra long barrels designed to give players expanded hitting zones and more mass in the barrel, generating more power in every swing. Easton really does strive to fulfill the preferences of any type of player as both series come in two-piece IMX Composite designs (S1 and XL1), two-piece IMX Composite/THT100 Aluminum hybrid designs (S2 and XL2), and one-piece THT100 Aluminum designs (S3 and XL3). As for the materials, Easton's patented IMX Composite has proven to be one of the highest performing materials in the game year after year, while THT100 Aluminum provides superior dent and crack resistance. Throw in an array of additional world-class Easton technology and you have a new line of bats that is second to none. Easton: We Believe In Power! This bat features the USSSA 1.15 stamp and is approved for play in 2012 and beyond. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
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This was one of the best online purchase experiences that I have had. Your people and systems are professional and very efficient. You treated me more than fairly. Thanks.

- Dave, Tustin, CA
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