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Easton Synergy Speed Brett Helmer Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SRV3

Reviews for the Easton Synergy Speed Brett Helmer Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SRV3
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Pros:  Hot out of wrapper. Using as a team bat. Have a 52 year old that hit for the cycle first time used. One player who is a flare hitter hit the fence @ 300 ft. Team we were playing started playing about 25 feet deeper than usual, and were still getting over their heads. Hope it is durable, because had over 40 uses first game.

Cons:  none yet

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Pros:  GREAT balance and pop. For a brand new bat, it's relatively hot right out of the wrapper. First game using it went 3 for 3, 2 doubles off the wall and 5 RBI. It's only gonna get better too!

Cons:  Still has some heating up to do...not nearly as ready as some user-reviews may suggest. But it's a new bat...always manage your expectations (even after $300). Also, I hate that grip. Athletic tape over the top gives it a better feel (for me, anyway).

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Pros:  Giant sweet spot, feels GREAT.

Cons:  Long break-in period... Not a whole lot of power yet. I have about 150 hits on it, but it still isn't primed for hitting the long ball. I continue to use my SRV2 Synergy Reveal when I plan on hitting a homer. I can tell that it is still on its way up, though.

Questions and Answers for the Easton Synergy Speed Brett Helmer Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SRV3

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How does this bat compare to the Easton Salvo? Which would you perfer?

This is a very goof bat that is a one piece composite bat. This bat is slightly end loaded to increase power. This is a very durable bat that comes with a 400 day warranty.

Brett Expert
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What is the BPF rating of this bat?

The SRV3 has a BPF of 1.20. It is stamped on the end of the barrel.

Brett Expert
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How good does this bat perform straight out of the wrapper?

This bat is composite bat and a good break in period is suggested. Take about 100 or so swings of a tee at about 50% power. Rotate the bat a quarter of an inch in your hands between each swing to ensure you are covering the entire surface of the barrel. After this, you should be good to go.

Mark Expert
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Easton Synergy Speed Brett Helmer Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SRV3
About Easton

As the industry leader for over 30 years, Easton Baseball/Softball has continued to raise the bar with innovation, originality and ingenuity. It began in 1969, when Easton produced the first true aluminum bat, and has continued throughout the past three decades with virtually all significant industry "firsts" having been pioneered by Easton: first CU31 bat; first C405 bat; first titanium bat; first Carbon Core bat; first Scandium bat; etc. The trend continues today with bats such as the Tri-Shell and the ConneXion. The patented Tri-Shell design features a super elastic rubber sleeve san.... read more

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Bat Features
  • 12 Inch Barrel Length
  • 400 Day Manufacturers Warranty
  • 98MPH Performance
  • Brett Helmer Signature Model
  • Easton's Focused Flex Handle Technology Increases Power
  • Free Shipping
  • Meets all 2009 Bat Performance Standards Including ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF and SSUSA
  • One Piece Full Composite Design
  • Patented IMX Technology, Best in Materials, Design and Manufacturing Process
  • Slightly End Loaded for Increased Power
  • VRS Provides Sold Feel and the Elimination of Vibration for Ultimate Comfort
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Description for Easton Synergy Speed Brett Helmer Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SRV3
New for 2011! Introducing the new ASA approved Brett Helmer the Synergy Speed SRV3. The SRV3 is a full composite one piece design made from Easton's IMX Composite technology. With it`s hot 98 MPH performance and handle flex designed to flex two times greater than alloy, you are sure to improve your game and overall performance at the plate. IMX or, Integrated MatriX Technology, provides the best in materials used, the best design for performance and the best in design for durability. The Synergy Speed has a 12 inch long barrel, giving it an solid hitting surface and large sweet spot. The VRS, or Vibration Reduction System, provides solid feel and the elimination of vibration for ulitmate comfort. The Synergy Speed is slightly endloaded to help the hitter develop increased momentum at point of impact with the ball, generating more power. The Easton Synergy Speed BH SRV3 is approved by all bat performance standards, including ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF and SSUSA. The SRV3 comes with a full 400 day manufacturers warranty. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

It was a great experience. I did not know anything about wood composite bats. Dustin(I believe that was his name)was very helpful. I called wed, evening. My son needed the bat for sat. The bat was at our house when my son came home from school on thursday.

- Paul, Iowa City, IA
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Bat Properties
Approved For:ASA
Approved For:USSSA
Approved For:ISA
Approved For:NSA
Price:$200 - $299.99
Sub Type:Softball

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