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COMBAT B3 Senior League Baseball Bat: B3SL1 -12

Reviews for the COMBAT B3 Senior League Baseball Bat: B3SL1 -12
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  • Great bat

    SoCal Coach
  • Purchased after a team using this bat destroyed our team

    MBA Dad

  • Overall Rating
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Pros:  We went 1" longer due to light weight.... Solid, nice pop... Due to light weight great with 2 strikes for contact.... We have hit some hard shots that were unable to be handled in infield....

Cons:  Nicknamed the "Highlighter" by team due to color

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Pros:  Light, lot of pop, son loves it! Very quick, great bat speed with this bat. 14 at bats 11 balls hit hard and 4 "fencers"

Cons:  Paint is chipping some....

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Pros:  Bat performance is exceptional. It has a great deal of pop right out of the wrapper and getting hotter as the bat is used more. Weight distribution and balance makes it easy for my son to get it through the zone quickly. Nice size sweet spot

Cons:  Obviously the price is a major hurdle. And similar to the Combat Avarice softball bat, the paint chips quickly, BUT it DOES NOT effect performance.

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Do you need to break this bat in?

Yes, the composite in the 2013 COMBAT B3: B3SL1 -12 Senior League bat will need to be broken in. On average about 150-200 soft toss hits should do it. I recommend giving the bat a 1/4 turn rotation every couple of hits to promote even break in.

Kevin Expert
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Why has this bat been discontinued? Is it defective, or prone to breaking or chipping so much that it has to be returned often?

COMBAT has not announced their reason for discontinuing the 2013 COMBAT B3: B3SL1 -12 Senior League bat. They did release the 2013 COMBAT B4 Portent: B4SL1 Senior League bat, which is very comparable to the B3 and may be part of the reason for discontinuing that bat.

Robert Expert
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When will you have the 31" bat in stock?

The 2013 COMBAT B3: B3SL1 -12 Senior League is discontinued. We will not be receiving more inventory.

Kara Expert
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COMBAT B3 Senior League Baseball Bat: B3SL1 -12

COMBAT is obsessed with making the "best bats" in the industry. A product of the CE Composites brand, COMBAT entered the baseball and softball worlds in 2004. Since that point, the company has emerged as the fastest growing brand within the industries. Their bats have set a higher standard in all leagues and age ranges. The brains behind COMBAT are not only regarded as composite design, manufacturing and engineering experts, but they are also die hard fans and players of the game. Above all, they strive to understand what players need and want. They truly live by their motto:"FOR.... read more

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Bat Features
  • **BPF 1.15**
  • -12 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Anisotropic Composite Weave
  • Blended Fiber Technology (BFT)
  • Extra Long Barrel
  • Features USSSA 1.15 Stamp; Legal for Use in 2012
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Nanocomp Technology Inside
  • One-Piece Full Composite Design
  • Precision Molding Technology
  • Variable Stiffness Technology for Bigger Sweetspot
  • Product Video for the COMBAT B3 Senior League Baseball Bat: B3SL1 -12
Description for COMBAT B3 Senior League Baseball Bat: B3SL1 -12
New for 2013! For the first time ever, COMBAT has released a -12 Senior League Baseball Bat! The lightweight feel of the new B3 will give younger players that elusive extra bat speed that can sometimes get lost with heavier bats! COMBAT has wowed crowds and players alike over the years with some of the HOTTEST composite bats to ever hit the market. Expect nothing different this time around. The B3 -12 features COMBAT's classic one-piece fully composite design. The B3 is made with Blended Fiber Technology, where Arimid fibers (found in bullet proof vests) are combined with the highest quality carbon and glass fibers in varying proportions and precise angles to get more trampoline effect and absorb vibrations. The premium grade carbon fiber used on the B3 produces the highest barrel reactivity of any bat COMBAT makes. This results in more energy transfer to the ball and greater distance. More Kevlar in the handle of the B3 also produces a stiffer feel than is found in many other bats this light. Through the use of Anistrophic Composite Technology, COMBAT was able to create a composite weave that enhances key parts of the barrel to optimize performance and extend durability. The sweetspot of the B3 is enlarged through the use of Variable Stiffness Technology which lowers barrel wall stiffness on each side. This gives players mega pop on every hit! Durability and solid construction are key to this year's COMBAT line. That is why they have added Nanocomp Technology to the B3. Nanocomp uses carbon nanotubes to effectively fill in gaps between fibers to dramatically increase bat strength. COMBAT: For Players, By Players! The B3 features the USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp and is legal for play in 2012 and beyond. This bat is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

Great job, as always of FAST, FAST, FAST delivery - I live in KC, so I get stuff next day - even with FREE shipping! Way to go guys - I'll continue to buy from you!!!

- Patrick , Overland Park, KS
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Bat Properties
Approved For:USSSA
Barrel Diameter:2 5/8"
Length to Weight Ratio:-12
Price:$200 - $299.99
Sub Type:Baseball