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2015 COMBAT Portent G3 Senior League Baseball Bat: PG3SL108

Reviews for the 2015 COMBAT Portent G3 Senior League Baseball Bat: PG3SL108
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“Great Bat”

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Pros:  Weight is distributed evenly, large sweet spot, great pop out of box, the grips are great, low hand vibrations. My 11u son loves it. We bought this for our son after his 2014 -10 Portent cracked. He plays 11u travel ball. He loved that bat so we decided to go with the 2015 Portent. His bat speed was very fast with the drop 10 so we decided to try the -8. He is a power hitter and hits the balls even farther and harder with this. We played a tournament this weekend. Almost everything he hit either hit the fence or bounced to the fence (fences were 300 ft). The balls came screaming off the bat! Amazing. His team mates now want his bat! His dad and I were impressed with the 2014 Portent, even more impressed with the 2015!!! Love Combat!!! Btw, the 2014 that cracked, Combat was amazing in customer service and promtly sent us a new replacement.

Cons:  non yet

Questions and Answers for the 2015 COMBAT Portent G3 Senior League Baseball Bat: PG3SL108

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My son is 13, 5'3" and about 110 lbs. He plays AAU travel ball and is a contact hitter, with some power. Do you recommend this bat or the Easton MAKO? What length do you recommend?

The 2015 COMBAT Portent G3 Senior League Baseball Bat (PG3SL108) is a terrific bat for a contact hitter with power. The Portent G3 has a balanced swing weight and it has a stiff one-piece design. The balanced swing weight is great for contact hitters and the one-piece design is great for increasing a players power. Based on his height and weight, we suggest 31" model.

Jason Expert
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Does this bat have more pop than the CF6 drop 8?

The 2015 COMBAT Portent G3 Senior League Baseball Bat (PG3SL108) and the 2014 DeMarini CF6 Senior League Baseball Bat (DXCFR) will both be rated with a performance limit of 1.15 bpf so at their peak they will both be capable of achieving the same performance or "pop."

Patrick Expert
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Which bat has a larger sweet spot, this one or the Wanted -8?

Because of it's one-piece design, the 2015 COMBAT Portent G3 Senior League Baseball Bat (PG3SL108) will have a slightly larger sweet spot than on the two-piece 2014 COMBAT Wanted Senior League Baseball Bat (WANSL108).

Patrick Expert
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2015 COMBAT Portent G3 Senior League Baseball Bat: PG3SL108

COMBAT is obsessed with making the "best bats" in the industry. A product of the CE Composites brand, COMBAT entered the baseball and softball worlds in 2004. Since that point, the company has emerged as the fastest growing brand within the industries. Their bats have set a higher standard in all leagues and age ranges. The brains behind COMBAT are not only regarded as composite design, manufacturing and engineering experts, but they are also die hard fans and players of the game. Above all, they strive to understand what players need and want. They truly live by their motto:"FOR.... read more

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2015 COMBAT Portent G3 Senior League Baseball Bat: PG3SL108
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Payment Options Include:
Bat Features
  • -8 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel
  • Features USSSA BPF 1.15 Stamp
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • One-Piece Composite Design
  • Precision Molding Technology (PMT)
  • Seamless Construction
  • Single Wall Construction
  • Ultimate Feel on Impact
  • Ultra-Premium Lizard Skins Grip
  • Variable Stiffness Technology for Optimum Barrel Compression on Contact
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Description for 2015 COMBAT Portent G3 Senior League Baseball Bat: PG3SL108
New for 2015! For those players that love COMBAT - you will not be disappointed in the all new Portent G3 senior league baseball bat. For those of you that have never experienced the COMBAT difference, here is what you can expect: a swing weight that is right on point, a sweet spot that's almost not even fair, and zero sting/vibration. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It all starts with COMBAT's exclusive Precision Molding and Seamless construction technologies! A combination that leads to the largest sweet spot of any senior league one-piece bat on the market. The 100% composite, one-piece Portent utilizes COMBAT's single wall construction with variable stiffness profile. This profile allows for optimum barrel compression on contact, maximizing performance every at-bat. Rest assured, the Portent G3 provides the ultimate "feel" on impact, connecting the player's hands with the energy of the ball exploding off the bat. Plus, the new Portent G3 features the Ultra-Premium Lizard Skins grip! This high-end senior league bat is best for the player with strong swing speed that hits for power and requires more stiffness through the handle to help control the ball as it makes contact with the barrel. COMBAT: For Players, By Players! The Portent features the USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
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Excellent service and user friendly website. Shipping is exactly what they say. I would recommend Just Bats to all friends.

- Sheri, Lincoln, NE
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Bat Properties
Approved For:USSSA
Barrel Diameter:2 5/8"
Length to Weight Ratio:- 8
Price:$200 - $299.99