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2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch

Reviews for the 2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch
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Pros:  Hot right out of the Wrapper. Large sweet spot and ball just jumps off this bat. This is my first Worth bat i have bought and will definitly buy another this bat and the Miken DC-41 best 2 bats i have swung.

Cons:  havent found none yet.

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Pros:  Usually a Miken guy, but decided to try my luck with Worth for a change for my USSSA league. Bat is extraordinarily hot right out of the wrapper. I definitely believe this bat added an additional 15-20 feet.

Cons:  Pricey, but worth it if you play a lot of USSSA. Not a fan of the white grips as it gets dirty very fast.

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Pros:  None

Cons:  Bought 2 and broke 2 in first tourney. Will not buy another. Miken is the way 2 go.

Questions and Answers for the 2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch

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When will the 34" 27.5oz weight be in stock?

The 2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch is discontinued so we will not be getting anymore back in stock.

Noah Expert ·Mar 10, 2013
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HI, how long is the barrel of this bat?

The 2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch has a length of 34 inches.

Chad Expert ·Feb 10, 2013
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Would you prefer this bat over the Miken Ink? Trying to decide on my next bat.

The 2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch and the Miken Ink are high performing bats. The 454 Reload has a 1/2 ounc end load and the Miken Ink will have a full ounce end load, for more power.

Kara Expert ·Dec 13, 2012
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What do you want to know about the 2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch?

2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch
About Worth

Worth, Inc. can trace its beginning back to the year 1912, when George Sharp Lannom, Jr. purchased a tannery in Tullahoma, Tennessee and established the Lannom Manufacturing Company. Initially, the firm tanned leather for harnesses and horse collars they manufactured. However, as the automobile grew in popularity, the demand for the company's harnesses and collars declined, so Lannom shifted its manufacturing resources toward production of leather covered baseballs and softballs under the "Worth" brand, and men's leather dress gloves under the "Craig" brand. Charles (Chuck) E. Parish jo.... read more

Bat Features
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 454 Technology Extends the Sweetspot 2 Inches in BOTH Directions
  • Approved for Play in USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Multi-Layer Composite Core for Exceptional Rebound and Durability
  • One-Piece Composite Design
  • Power Grip
  • Reload - 0.5 oz Endload
  • Product Video for the 2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch
Description for 2013 Worth Team 454 Reload: SB45US Slow Pitch
New for 2013! It's time to become a LEGIT power hitter. Made in the U.S.A., the Worth Team 454 Reload is the latest installment in the power-producing 454 lineup! This one-piece design features a 100% composite construction with a multilayer composite core that is designed to provide exceptional rebound and maximum durability. The mulit-wall design allows the barrel to be more flexible and perform at a significantly higher level. The Team 454 Reload uses Worth's revolutionary 454 Technology that extends the sweetspot of this bat two inches in BOTH directions! The result is the LARGEST SWEETSPOT in the industry, and should put the idea of a mishit completely out of your mind! Still not convinced this bat is built for power? A half-ounce endload is the perfect way to give your swing some extra momentum, while still allowing for ideal bat control. Plus, Worth's new Power Grip makes swing consistency an afterthought when stepping up to the plate. The only thing you'll need to be focused on is how far you want the next shot to go! Worth: Performance Through Technology! The Team 454 Reload is approved for play in USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

I really appreciated the free shipping and FREE return shipping. That is almost unheard of and very much appreciated since the bat we originally ordered was not what we expected we were pleasantly surprised to be able to return it postage paid. THANK YOU

- Wendy, Ballwin, MO
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Bat Properties
Approved For:ISA
Approved For:NSA
Approved For:USSSA
Price:$200 - $299.99
Sub Type:Softball

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