2014 DeMarini CF6 BBCOR Pre-Sale Starts Today!

DeMaini CF6 Pre-Book
It’s finally here! The all new 2014 DeMarini CF6 BBCOR has arrived and is ready for you to step up to the plate and swing away. Similar to its predecessors, the CF6 still features a two-piece composite design and an incredibly balanced swing weight. On the contrary, its design is also what makes the CF6 so much better than ever before.

DeMarini’s Paradox Composite barrel and handle have helped make the CF6 their lightest swinging bat yet. Paradox Composite is both lighter and stronger than previous composite designs due to the material’s random and naturally chaotic fusing of carbon fibers. The stronger composite design allows the CF6 to have a more even weight distribution – leading to even more bat speed. Within the barrel, DeMarini uses Doublewall technology in order to give this bat both the largest possible sweet spot and maximum trampoline effect. The Paradox Composite in the handle is stiffer that in years past, allowing maximum energy transfer from bat to ball.

The most drastic change between the CF5 models of last season and the new CF6 is the bat’s D-Fusion Technology. Combined with the Carbon Reinforced Paradox Composite Handle and Thermo-Fused Taper, the D-Fusion technology severely reduces vibration on contact and redirects energy on mishits back into the barrel. The CF6 will definitely have the smoothest feel of any bat on the diamond.

To best serve you, we have made the all new 2014 DeMarini CF6 BBCOR model available for pre-sale today! These bats will be ready for shipment on November 1st. Upon registering for the CF6 pre-sale, we will automatically upgrade your shipment to 2nd Day Air so you won’t have to wait to take your bat out for a few rounds of BP.



Cool Bats in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Banner
October is a month to honor the women in our lives that have fought breast cancer and to raise awareness for prevention. We’re proud to say two of our manufacturers have special edition pink bats benefiting this great cause.

CF6 Hope Pink Ribbon End Cap

2014 DeMarini CF6 Hope: DXCFH Fastpitch
DeMarini released a limited edition CF6 Hope model with their 2014 fastpitch softball line. With the same high performing Paradox Composite and design as the rest of the CF6 Series, the 2014 Hope will have a bigger, hotter sweet spot than ever before and comes in a -10 length to weight ratio. The Hope model features a limited edition pink and black color scheme and the pink ribbon symbol in the Geo Internal End Cap. Part of the proceeds go towards breast cancer research.

Louisville Slugger Maple Wood Bat WBHM14-10CPK Adult LS logo

Louisville Slugger Maple Wood: WBHM14-10CPK
Louisville Slugger continues to fight against breast cancer with pink models designed to promote awareness. Louisville Slugger is best known for the pink bats on the MLB field on Mother’s Day, with proceeds benefitting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. They continue their pink bat effort with the newly released October edition, which features a bolder, brighter pink. The 2014 model will feature the same well-balanced 110 turn model to fit a wide variety of players.

Is there a woman in your life that has fought breast cancer? Want to help encourage prevention? Check out these limited edition pink models to honor these women.

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JustBats.com Weekly Gift Card Contest Video Winner


Tim H. does a great review and demonstration of his 2013 DeMarini CF5 Senior League.

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JustBats.com Weekly Gift Card Contest Picture Winner

JustBats.com $25 Weekly Gift Card Winner - 2013 Rawlings 5150 Alloy
Joey shoots the ball to left field with his 2013 Rawlings 5150 Alloy Senior League. If you have a cool photo of you hitting your favorite bat, submit it HERE for a chance to win a $25 JustBats.com gift card. Winners are chosen every week.

Weekly JustBats.com Gift Card Winner

Pepsi 2
 Pepsi won a $25 JustBats.com gift card with this swing of his 2014 DeMarini Voodoo Senior League bat.

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JustBats.com’s Most Popular Bats of August

Today, we’ll be looking at the most popular baseball bats of August from each category: BBCOR, Senior League, Youth and Junior Big Barrel.

The 2014 Easton Mako BBCOR is the latest and greatest addition to Easton’s lineup. The bat’s two-piece composite design features Easton’s ConneXion™ technology, giving the Mako optimized energy transfer and reduced vibration for a smooth feel on contact. Easton’s new Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) is engineered to provide top-notch players with unmatched bat speed and a massive sweet spot. While the Mako features an extended barrel like the Easton XL Series, it also features an overall balanced feel like the Easton S Series – making it perfect for both power and contact hitters.

Senior League
The 2014 DeMarini Vexxum Senior League is also new for 2014. It is a two-piece bat with an alloy barrel and composite handle. The X10 Alloy utilized to make the barrel and C6 Composite handle combine to give the Vexxum the largest possible hitting surface. The C6 Composite material in the handle features a wider weave, giving the bat more flex and a greater trampoline effect upon contact. The Vexxum is one of the most balanced bats on the market and is ideal for players looking to improve their swing speed. This model comes in a -10 length to weight ratio, has a 2 ⅝” barrel and features the new USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp.

Given the fact that the Little League World Series takes place in August, it is no surprise that our most popular Youth bat is the 2014 Easton Mako Youth. The Youth model of the Mako is similar to the BBCOR model in that it is a two-piece fully composite bat that features Easton’s ConneXion™ technology and Thermo Composite Technology (TCT). This bat comes in a -11 length to weight ratio and features a 2 ¼” barrel. Its low M.O.I. translates into even quicker swing speeds. It is approved for play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC and features the new USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp.

Junior Big Barrel

The 2014 DeMarini Vexxum Junior Big Barrel is a two-piece bat that combines an X10 Alloy barrel with a C6 Composite handle. The X10 Alloy used on the barrel is finely-tuned and shaped to create the thinnest possible walls, keeping the weight of the bat down and opening up the sweet spot. The C6 Composite handle works in unison with the alloy barrel and is specifically tailored for the single wall construction of the Vexxum. This bat comes in a -10.5 length to weight ratio, has a 2 ¾” barrel, and features the new USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp.

If you aren’t sure which bat is right for you, give our team of bat experts a call! Our toll free number is 1-866-321-2287.

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DeMarini Slow Pitch Bats

DeMarini Stadium

DeMarini continues to produce slow pitch bats that are propelling players’ games to new heights. Their 2014 line does not disappoint, featuring 4.ONE Composite technology for crazy pop and maximum stiffness.

Featured Bat: 2014 DeMarini Stadium 2.1: DXSTU Slow Pitch
The two-piece design of the Stadium has the stiff feel of a one-piece design for optimized energy transfer at contact. Pair the extra-responsive sweet spot with the perfect balance, and it results in a bat that is sure to turn doubles into home runs.

Here’s a Stadium review from one of our customers, Lewie: “Stiff and in a good way. This is a sweet bat! Huge sweet spot. DeMarini really stepped it up here. I am having a hard time believing it is USSSA approved.”

Looking for a more end loaded option? The Stadium CL22 features the same stiff feel and ultra-responsive materials as the Stadium 2.1, but with an extreme end load. Along with the Stadium Series, DeMarini’s ever-popular models such as The One FU-Dawg, J3, Mercy, Steel and The One Senior Softball continue to help players to not only win, but to dominate.

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8-14-13 Winner
Mason goes deep for the Ohio University Bobcats with his Nike CX2 BBCOR bat.


Josh & Will sent in this awesome review of the 2013 DeMarini CF5 Senior League bat. Nice work guys!

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Weekly JustBats.com Gift Card Winner


8-7-13 Winner
GAVINGAVINGAVIN drills a belt-high fastball over the left fielder’s head with a 2013 DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR. The ball one hopped the fence and scored a run from second base. GAVINGAVINGAVIN’s team went on to win this game 8-0 at the K-State College Showcase.

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Bat Duel: 2014 DeMarini Voodoo vs. 2014 DeMarini Vexxum

Bat Duel_Demarini Voodoo vs Vexxum NVS

Finding the right bat is difficult, no matter if you’re looking for a one-piece, two-piece, alloy, composite, wood, balanced or end loaded model. Right here, we are going to have two of DeMarini’s top-of-the-line bats face-off against one another to see which one comes out on top.

First up, we’ve got the 2014 DeMarini Voodoo. The Voodoo is featured in -13 Youth , -9 & -5 Senior League and -3 Adult BBCOR models.


Keys to Victory
The Voodoo is a two-piece bat with an alloy barrel and composite handle. The X10 Alloy in the thickness-tuned barrel combines with stiffness of DeMarini’s brand new Paradox Composite handle to make the Voodoo ultra-responsive. DeMarini has placed the Taper Ring within the barrel lower, opening up the sweet spot and reducing the bat’s heaviness through the swing zone. The ION V End Cap helps reduce vibration even more, while the RCK (Really Cool Knob) is anatomically correct – allowing the bat to rest in your hands more comfortably.

Weight Distribution: End Loaded
Design: Two-Piece
Handle: Paradox Composite
Barrel: X10 Alloy


Stepping up to the plate next is the 2014 DeMarini Vexxum. This bat comes in the following weights: -12 Youth, -10.5 Junior Big Barrel, -10 & -5 Senior League, and -3 Adult BBCOR.


Keys to Victory
The Vexxum NVS is similar to the Voodoo, in that it is a two-piece bat that features an alloy barrel and composite handle. While the alloy materials used in both bats are the same (X10 Alloy), the Vexxum’s handle is comprised of C6 Composite. The C6 handle and finely tuned single wall NVS barrel are specifically designed to work together to give you more flexibility and trampoline effect. The N2M End Cap that tops of the Vexxum is ultra-lightweight, allowing players to achieve maximum swing speed.

Weight Distribution: Balanced
Design: Two-Piece
Handle: C6 Composite
Barrel: X10 Alloy

That concludes this bat duel. Which one is the winner? Step up to the plate and find out for yourself! Submit your own video reviews and action shots to JustBats for your chance to win a $25 or $300 JustBats Gift Card! Weekly winners!

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