2013 Easton Stealth

The Easton Stealth has always been a great bat in the past and there’s no exception with the 2013 line. Easton has come up with three amazing Stealth bats to try to appeal to every kind of player. The all new Easton Stealth 100 comes USSSA approved and made with an IMX composite for durability. This bat also has a huge sweet spot and Easton’s Connexion technology helps eleminate vibration in the handle. This bat also sports a 13.5 inch barrel. Next we have the Easton Stealth 98, this bat has all the same features as the Stealth 100 but has been toned down a little for the ASA. For the more advanced players out there we have the Easton Stealth 100H. This bat is a pro model for Brett Helmer who Easton sponsors. The biggest difference between this bat and the other two is the barrel length. The 100H model has 12 inch barrel so it’s a little shorter. The shorter barrel actually makes the bat a little more aerodynamic so it’s a faster swinging bat. It’s also an end loaded bat so it’s easier to generate more power in the swing.

Now that just touched the surface on the details of the three bats. Please watch the video for some more details and you can also find information by getting on JustBats.com or contacting us at 1-866-321-2287. If you’re ready to pick one up just click the links below, thanks for stopping by JustBats.com!

Easton Stealth 100H
Easton Stealth 100
Easton Stealth 98

4 thoughts on “2013 Easton Stealth

    • The Stealth series is a discontinued model, but the new models of the Stealth series are the Easton S1, L1, and B1.

    • Hello, Austin. Thanks for the comment. The Stealth Series of bats were definitely great! Unfortunately, they are discontinued. But the Easton S Series of bats would be very comparable in design and performance. If you’re looking for a new bat, they’re definitely worth considering. Check them out on our site, or give us a call at 866-321-2287. Thanks!

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