JustBats.com Buyer’s Guide: Bamboo Wood Baseball Bats

Bamboo bats hit the baseball scene in early 2000 placing strips of bamboo wood together and forming billets to make bamboo bats. After the billets are made the bat is formed. Bamboo shoots are hollow, so they cannot be made with just one piece of wood. Bamboo is a very strong and durable wood, it is a fast growing wood and is very cost effective. It only takes five years to grow to its usable maturity whereas ash and maple, they take much, much longer. Bamboo is thought off as the greener choice. Bamboo bats are quickly becoming more and more popular as the need for stronger, lighter wood bats are becoming a trend specifically in youth leagues. Check out the bamboo bats at JustBats.com and remember from click to hit.

3 thoughts on “JustBats.com Buyer’s Guide: Bamboo Wood Baseball Bats

  1. Are the bamboo layers really put shortways across the bat?  I’d expect them to be placed lengthwise to take advantage of the high tensile strength of bamboo.

    Thanks for this article!  I can find nothing else on the web that describes how bamboo bats are made!

  2. Sorry for the confusion, in our video the graphic does look like the layers go across the bat, but they actually go lengthwise up and down the bat. 

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