JustBats.com Buyer’s Guide: Fastpitch Softball Bats

How long of a bat do you need? How heavy should it be? The key to finding a good bat is getting the perfect size and weight that fits you. JustBats.com is here to help. Fastpitch bats range from 26 to 34 inches long and have a drop weight ranging from -8 to -13. The drop weight indicates the length to weight ratio. It is a really simple concept, so don’t let it confuse you.Basically, you are just taking the weight minus the length to come up with a negative number that is called the drop. For instance, a 34 inch bat that weighs 24 ounces is a minus 10 drop weight. There are many different sanction leagues such as ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF. Leagues may require a certification stamp so be sure to check your league’s listings to see what specs are necessary. For more information, check out JustBats.com and remember from click to hit.

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